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The Teaser

In keeping with our desire to engage today’s audience, we offer an exciting three minute “Teaser” for The Rose of Sonora to orchestras programming the entire work.

Much like a movie trailer or preview of coming attractions, this fun way of announcing an upcoming concert, or season, allows an audience a live and in-person sneak peek of the work. As orchestras have already discovered, performing the Teaser on a concert as a surprise invigorates and intrigues audiences for the upcoming attraction and promotes ticket sales in a new dynamic way.

Having advance ticket sales or special packages ready at intermission provides a fabulous earned income revenue boost.

Background photo: Holly Mulcahy performing the 3-min teaser with Wichita Symphony Orchestra. Photo credit: June Trieb.

Marketing Support

An Extensive Cloud Based Comms Toolkit

Key Messages and Elevator Speech.

How to deliver the concerto’s story.

Photography, graphics and branding (cut to print and social media platform specific dimensions).

Social media messaging (FB, Twitter, Instagram).

Influencer Level Marketing

Direct postings

Retweet, shares, likes

Ms. Mulcahy’s social reach includes 5k FB followers, 1.8k Twitter followers, and 1.2k Instagram followers.

Additional support from Mr. Clinton’s social media channels.

Fundraising Add-ons

Wine Pairing Violin Recital: An interactive wine tasting with fun and thoughtful pairings of American music. Lively discussions solidify friendships and fun.

Multi Course Prefixe Dinner Partnership: Each scene (movement) in the concerto gets a creative and artistic spin as a chef in a local restaurant delivers on their take of the concerto in culinary form. Creativity, story telling, and community engagement culminate at the table.

Cocktail party featuring a signature cocktail crafted with Rose of Sonora in mind.

Use the form above to inquire about rates and details.

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