The Story

Prior to each scene being performed, the following descriptions of what is happening will be projected on a screen above the orchestra or read by a narrator.

…September, 1893 in what was known at that time as the Territory of Arizona

Scene 1: Escape

The full moon has turned the Sonora desert an eerie blue.
Rose rides quietly into town and makes her way to the jail house.

She quickly subdues the guard and frees Jed from his cell.
Together at last, they ride off into the night, the ill-gotten gold stashed in her saddle bags.

Scene 2: Love and Freedom

They make their way to their idyllic mountain hide-out
where they share the love and freedom denied them for so long.

Scene 3: Ambush

The members of their old gang have tracked them down and sneak up on the cabin. Rose senses something is wrong, but before she can react, in a sudden flash of gunfire, they attack.

Jed is fatally wounded and Rose is left for dead as the killers ride out into the night with the saddle bags of gold.

Scene 4: Death and Healing

The pain of her own wounds can not compare to the pain of losing Jed.

She holds his lifeless body in her arms, gently kisses him, and weeps.

Scene 5: Vengeance

Rose buries Jed beside the cabin. She places a single yellow rose on his grave, loads her guns, saddles her horse and sets out to find his killers.

Showing no mercy, Rose hunts them down, out-riding and out-shooting them all. In a final act of vengeance, she shouts Jed’s name, grabs the saddle bags of gold, and triumphantly rides off into the red Sonora sunset.

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